I am Aditi Mirchandani. I have now  been coaching clients both in India and  overseas, and immensely cherish my own  continuous growth and learning that takes  place as a result of doing so. Along with coaching, I am also a contributing wrtier with some International magazines -Thrive Global, GoodMenProject and Thought Catalog as well as the Indian Magazine ,Business World.

 In the roller coaster of life if anything remained  constant with me, it was my deep seated need  to question and understand everything around  me. Through the years my questioning led me  to a journey of self-discovery. A deep analysis  began of what I truly wanted from life, what  made me happy, the kind of person I wanted to  be, my belief systems and fears, and the list  goes on. I kept unraveling layers within me that  were preventing me from living the life that I  wanted. I challenged myself, my limiting belief    patterns, fears, thoughts, conditionings,  behaviours and choices at every point. This put  me on a very interesting path, a path on which I  started discovering the REAL ME and my truth.

 The lessons I learnt and the insights I received  through my journey seemed like a joining of the  dots…all leading me here!

 In my opinion, the power to shape our lives in  the direction we want lies within us but the only  thing stopping it is US! I love to see people  reach their highest potential, and hence Iam  passionate about assisting the individual get to  the core of what hold them back from living the  life they want.

 I believe its important to discover yourself so  that you can reinvent not only your life but your  relationships too.