1.     How long is the session? 

           One session is for 45 minutes. You can book a session for a longer duration  as  well if required and will be charged on a prorata basis.

2.     How can payment be made?

            Payments can be made via a bank transfer or paypal ( for international  clients). Cash payment is also accepted for local clients.

3.     How many sessions will I need?

             Well that depends on a case to case basis but a minimum of 12 sessions are  required to work on an issue for an individual. For couple coaching it really         depends on a case to case basis.

4.     How often are the sessions done?

             It depends on the clients need and also the time required by the client to  work through things between sessions. Sessions are normally done once a  week. In caes the client requires larger gaps between sessions that can be  incorporated too while scheduling. Sessions are scheduled in advance as per  clients convenience as well as available slots.