In the sessions we delve into your past, your life experiences and your future personal goals. We explore your current behavioural patterns,beliefs and thought patterns thorough deep questioning. Focus is on identifying key blocks and patterns in your present so as to enable you to take concrete steps towards changing them, and hence moving you forward. Emphasis is on giving you an empowering perspective on your life and taking key action steps to move you out of any disempowering state of thinking or feeling and hence achieve any personal goal you have set for yourself.

Sessions are done either in person or via skype. (for local, outstation and international clients.) 

Here's what some of my clients have to say 

I began working with Aditi after going through a rough patch in my personal relationship--I wanted to understand how to come closer to my love but also be true to who I am. Aditi helped me do both. Working over weekly Skype sessions, Aditi helped me identify my mind blocks, trust myself more and charter a course to overcome my fears. Though our work was grounded in Aditi's training as a life coach, I found her deep sense of intuition fascinating.Today, I am back with the woman I love, feeling more secure and whole in the relationship, and also as an individual. Aditi brought not just her professional background as a relationship coach but also her uncanny sense of intuition to our sessions. Both of these helped me to understand my own self-limiting fears and work with Aditi on a plan of how to overcome them in my relationship and work.

Anonymous, Germany

I knew Aditi socially and when I met her recently, after long, I found out about her work as a Life Coach - and it kind of stayed with me. I was feeling like I was in a rut in life even though seemingly my life was very much in order personally and professionally: I was living on my own in the city of my choice, I'd recently met a great man and I'd been doing well at work. But something, somewhere was deeply wrong and I couldn't figure out why or what. All I knew was that I wasn't feeling myself and that translated ​to lots of anxiety about things I wouldn't be anxious about normally; I had almost forgotten to laugh and to enjoy myself. When my anxiety levels reached an all time high I messaged Aditi and fixed a time to see her immediately. It's been 8 weeks of doing some deep digging, some soul searching, lots of talking, lots of understanding things of the past and of how things really are in the present, and eventually putting a map together to see the larger picture.

I finished my sessions last week. Recently at dinner, my friends (who have been there for me through thick and thin) asked me how I was doing after the sessions. I found myself saying, "you know, I feel myself again". They said, "wow, not a lot of us can say that about ourselves". I found myself smiling inside, beaming even.

I'm neither pooping rainbows, nor is my life a bed of roses suddenly :) but what I've received from these sessions is the ability to observe things and understand them as they really are, to be objective when possible, to be at peace with myself, to be happy within, to treat myself and my relationships better - with kindness and empathy, to be more confident and strategic at work... I feel like I've grown in leaps and bounds this year because of these sessions and I cannot be more grateful. And, I cannot be more grateful for Aditi who helped with the journey - I don't think it would have been the same without her. She has a special light in her eyes and a gift for this kind of stuff.