What is Life Coaching

 As described by Newsweek a Life Coach is ‘Part consultant, part motivational  speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend.

 Coaching is for people who desire change in their life and are wiling to take  the responsibility for doing so.It requires you to be  absolutely honest with  yourself and have the courage and humility to truly  take stock of everything and move towards the achievement of your personal goals.

Personal development Coaching can be done with a focus on a  specific area or multiple areas.

 What Does Life Coaching do-

 Helps you to-

·Think differently and explore new behaviours and patterns of thinking and  thereby assist in reinventing your life in the direction you seek.

·Increase your self awareness. Help you find your answer to the 'why's' and  'How to's'.( Why am i not happy, how to handle stress and anxiety and other  questions that you maybe struggling with.)Become more honest with yourself  in all areas of your life and hence take a realistic stock of yourself and your  life.

-Uncover personal patterns and then decide which ones serve you and which  ones don’t. This increases your ability to uncover subconscious sabotage  patterns, and to release them.

-Take key action steps to improve your overall quality of life and well  being.Empower yourself and hence take control of your life.Improve  your  overall emotional and mental well-being. This in turn leads to better  personal and professional lives.

 -Develop more fulfilling relationships, both  with yourself and those around  you and hence increse your overall levels of satisfaction.

·Identify your blocks, fears and breakthrough them to enable you to move  forward. This bridges the gap from where you are to where you want to  go/who you want to be.

·Clear limiting beliefs which are not serving you. Introduce fresh  perspectives that do serve you.

-Develop the necessary tools to help you handle the not so pleasant aspects  of your life so as to increase your overall satisfaction.

 All this is achieved by providing you a safe space to be 100% yourself,  without any judgemtnt.